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We along with its associate group companies command a mammoth reach of near 10,00,000 audience, including Social media network of more than 3,00,000. We have a strong and well-built presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + & YouTube and receive millions of views as web traffic across our websites.

We can act as the perfect vehicle to deliver your message of promotion for your product, films and brands to targeted and relevant audience.

1. Online/Web banner advertisements:

Our associates and partners maintain websites which attract traffic of nearly 10,00,000 per month. The advertisement on these websites through banners helps to convey the relevant message to a large network of audience.

2. Publishing stories, reviews & interviews:

Our partner is a major Web Site that creates and curates viral content. We will get these stories shared on major Facebook pages and twitter handles which will further increase the buzz.

Why choose Us?

# We provide focused visibility & branding.

# We have various customized plans to suit your specific needs of promotion & branding that will help you in getting maximum visibility.

# The high volume traffic of its websites is backed by a strong social media network of professionals from the relevant industry.

We can help in spreading your message faster to the significant target audience at an affordable cost, convert them into leads and increase your client base visibly.

The options available include banners, digital campaigns, featured articles/stories, mailers and events.

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